Double Glazing

Double Glazing is a door in which the window is formed by two glasses. The thickness of space between glasses is about several millimeters. The air between glasses forms the isolation layer. The glasses are hermetically sealed to guarantee the moisture not to get inside. According to such principle are formed the double glazed patio doors.

About 60 percent los of warmth go out through the windows with one glass. Double glazing is essentially stopping the loss of temperature. The cost of these doors and windows will pay itself very quickly by the economy of heating.

Double glazed doors are also very safe (friendly) for the environment. Our buildings produce about 20 percent of all the CO2, and choosing of windows and doors of double glazing will help to improve the situation. Besides that the double glazing doors improve the noise isolation.

The other reason that you may set the double glazing is safety, because the most common way to penetrate all the attackers to your house is through doors and windows.

Double glazing windows and doors give you additional safety, because they strong enough and you can apply great efforts to break them.

Double glassed windows also make your house more individual. The producer offer many kinds of doors and windows - stile, color, design, the material of producing and painting.